I organized the series by Lifetimes - poignant moments of change when I knew my life would never be the same again.

At the end of each Lifetime, I knew there was still something better out there... a chance to be balanced and happy... a way to release my soul once and for all.


I finally found the authentic me in Lifetime Number Nine at age 58.

What it took to get here is a long, crazy ride. And I capture the twists and turns in a story that captures the heart of readers and the core of the disease of alcoholism.

My life look a left turn with my first beer. Here is teenage angst and the beginnings of the disease.

I thought marriage, maturity, and a baby would keep alcoholism at bay. It didn't.

Marriage #2 with its soaring peaks and deep valleys. Life was a blast until drinking took over.

One bad decision after another, the trauma of my late 30's takes me down hard.

The final showdown, my seemingly-hopeless bottom, and a rocky rise from the ashes.

Who said the first year of sobriety can be more painful than the last year drinking? Everybody.

Another comedy/tragedy with husband #4. At last, a full surrender

A combo of Books 1 & 2 in one volume help you get started easier with the series. 

Is an epilogue named GRACE in the works? You never know... maybe I have more to say.