A Good Day to Dye 

The Curly Creative creates awesome tie-dye - not the 1960's swirl or bullseyes, but an ancient technique called Shabori.*

The dye is chemically-bonded Procion Dye, which is absolutely permanent, non-fading, non-toxic, even bleach-safe. 

I dye in the oddball lane. I hope you find something you like.

Best Bio photo.JPG

My right thumb is blue.

Both pinkies are red.

And I'm having a blast.

I've run out of friends and family to give things to, so I humbly offer my creations to you.

*Read about Shabori dying 

Best Bio photo.JPG

Kitchen Towels

Canvas-wrap Frames

It's a Good Day to Dye

Choose your Shabori, tell me if you want a pillow or a canvas wrap


Kitchen Towels

What is Shabori?

Shirts & Hoodies

It's a Good Day to Dye