"Lela is so lovable and feels so deeply. I can see myself in her...I understand her pain as alcohol takes control, the shame of it all. Her first-year sober was fun and funny, but reality set in and sobriety wasn't so great. But "Dude" gets her thru. I loved every word."

- Linda L., Greenville SC

   "This funny lady manages to survive her nine "lifetimes," but something else is always around the corner. She's a hoot! I laughed, I cried, I cheered. Very inspirational to read her crazy story."

- Amazon Reviewer

  "I never thought I'd commit to a series of seven books, but I couldn't stop reading. Such an topsy-turvy life Lela has, and her writing style will suck you in immediately."

- Ben Tolley, Best-Selling Author

and Editor

  "Not your typical memoir at all - it's a look inside the soul of Lela Fox. I feel like I know her now, even as she changes back and forth from success to failure. Never a dull moment - you can't possibly guess what she'll do next."

- Larry on Amazon

  "Mostly I loved the end-of-chapter "reflections" from her long-sober point of view. Those are chilling."

- Tie-Dye Tom

  "OMG - she is me! The ups and downs of sobriety, and the long journey to get there. So much of the crap she went through happened to me, too. Loved it. A definite 5-star read."

- Barb from Seattle

  "What a story, and told so beautifully. Just like me, Lela held onto the shame of her past  while struggling to move forward. Her unique victory gave me hope that I can beat the monsters of guilt and shame, too. Moving from all points of view. Thanks, Lela!"

- Vicki M.