Hi! I'm Lela

I've been sober all day long and since June 30, 1999... only by the grace of Dude and other alcoholics.

I write about the life-changing experiences of my years before and after sobriety. I'm just a regular alcoholic, but my story has evidently helped a lot of people.
For me, it's all about gratitude. I still struggle, but I'm willing to learn why and change my thinking.

   After my on-and-off career as an advertising writer and twelve years as a certified picture framer, I retired to begin writing for publication.

My tidbits landed in AA’s Grapevine magazine and several online journals, then a story I wrote about my dog was featured in Chicken Soup for the Soul.

    I was stoked!

    A writer-friend challenged me to write and publish a full book, with just one rule: “Write what you know.” So I spent the next two+ years writing my life story, which became seven top-selling books.

    I live in East Tennessee with a panoramic view of the Great Smoky Mountains. I surround my desk with kitchy objects, funky art, and Kid's Meal toys. This odd mix inspires me and confuses others.

    If I’m not writing, you’ll find me stabbing fabric with an embroidery needle, quilting, or playing tug-of-war with my distinguished editor, Stormin’ Norman the Schnauzer.